Message to the family from Father Des O'Riordan In Battersea

With a little help from friends I am starting a family website in the near future. The purpose is to share information among ourselves. I am hoping to trace our roots back a few generations before this information is lost to future generations. I intend asking members of the family to provide some text and pictures. Over time we should have considerable information which should be of interest to everyone.

This idea came to me on a visit to the USA during the summer when I stayed for a while in Rose's new house in New Jersey. I thought that if I could put a picture on the web everyone could see it immediately instead of waiting for photographs.

I am prepared to look after the site for a few years and would hope that then someone would take over responsibility for it and develop it further.

We'll see how it goes.

Let me know what you think and be prepared to help with information and photos!

Fr Des O'Riordan